Premium on Evolution III server

What Premium gives you:

  • Reserved slot to connect without waiting
  • Special color for nickname
  • Increased AFK time to 10 minutes before kick instead of 5
  • When you connect to the server, there will be the message "Premium player YourName connected" in the game chat

Price USD/EUR:

  • 1 month - 5
  • 3 months - 12
  • 6 months - 22
  • 12 months - 40
  • Permanent - 80

How to make a donation:

  • Join our DISCORD server and open #premium channel, where you will find the information
  • We accept donations via DonationAlerts or in crypto BTC, USDT etc via (the link has our referral ID which will give you a 5% discount on trading fees).
All donations will go towards keeping the server alive and the project as a whole.